Monday, March 14, 2005


idagdag niyo na rin po itong dalwang nakalimutan ko:

11) actors and actresses who are willing to go the indie route. we always have a joke during film casting in the independent scene. when in doubt, indie filmmakers will always cast either ronnie lazaro, joel torre, john arcilla, pen medina, lui manansala, or nonie buencamino. not only are they very good actors, they are also willing to experiment on different roles for a fee that's very, very indie especially when they find out that the filmmaker indeed has a very small budget (or nothing at all). however, these actors are limited for roles or characters that require someone age 40 and above. what is sad is that after them there are only few young actors and actresses who are willing to experiment and try something different from the ones they have been usually getting in the commercial field. among the young actors who have time and again willing lend their support to the indie scene are jeffrey quizon, yul servo, china cojuangco, and julia clarete. after them, wala na. although the indie scene has produced good actors such as tado, soliman cruz, raul morit (24 years acting in indie films!), roence cruz, shamaine centenera, mario magallona, and lately, hector macaso, there are certain roles in indie films that require somebody young who can turn himself into a chameleon and shift from one role to another. problem is, there are very good actors out there but are tied with either their mother studio or the product they are endorsing that makes it hard for them to say yes to an indie filmmaker. plus, their managers who command high talent fees because they can not understand what indie filmmaking is and are used to TV rates or commercial film rates. that's why we can not produce our own gael garcia bernal eventhough there might be someone out there (piolo pascual is one especially when he did "lagarista" but all went kaput when he started doing commercial films and "dreamboy" roles). there's a new indie film out there entitled "sa aking pagkakagising mula sa kamulatan" that features a bratpack-like performance from carlo aquino, ketchup eusebio, archie almenia, and newcomer cholo barreto, who stood out with his fine acting, but it might be a one-shot deal considering these guys were only "borrowed" from their mother studio. mike dagnalan's cinemalaya entry "isnats", meanwhile features fresh finds in jourdan sebastian (that guy in the new coke commercial), bombi plata (that other guy in the new coke commercial), ronald pasion (baby toy in the old san mig light commercial), and others. here's hoping for really new, young, intelligent indie actors to come out soon.

12) new genres to experiment on. filmmaking is not only drama, sex, action, horror, and comedy. i remember when i was pitching for some movie producers before, they were giving me the thumbs-down on most of my concepts because most of them don't fit the genres they were used to producing. one of them is my cinemalaya entry "lasponggols," a black comedy which toured almost three big movie productions and got the same "no" answers from its big bosses. then there's the more cerebral suspense-thriller genre which producers also hate because they feel that Filipino moviegoers don't want to think while they're watching. the problem actually is not that Filipinos don't want to think but more like the case that what these producers have churned before that are under the suspense-thriller genre are very weak in dtorytelling and the audience can already determine who the main antagonist is even not yet halfway through the film. they also don't want intelligent comedies ala woody allen and if you pitch a comedy to them, expect them to look for slapstick scenes and scenes with "funny" car chases that have been the routine since the tito, vic, and joey days (you know how these car chases go. may nagsasabit ng banderitas, may patawid na pilay na biglang mapapatakbo, etc., etc.). intelligent dramas are also not allowed especially if they are too quiet and very visual. what they want are very talky dramas. even a sex film can be very intelligent if only one can think of a really good one ("orgasmo," a film screened in festivals before was good). and why not make a really factual true stories that doesn't feature a police officer or a military man or a politician (or would be politician) or a public enemy number one (although the latter can be the meaning of the first three). why not something about the Luna brothers? i always love to write one. just the research is already a very good trip for a writer. huwag lang ngang madaldal na film o masyadong artsy-fartsy. why not something about a particular era like the 90s or the 80s? why does it always have to be the 70s when most of the film goers now grew up in the 80s and 90s? why not make a film with activists from the 80s and 90s? surely there were activists in the 80s and 90s and up to now. and for the resurrection of action movies, i know a lot of young filmmakers who have very good action concepts and fresh new styles that re not being given the chance because producers see them as very "young". but these filmmakers are the ones with the hip action ideas. we just hope that if they get to enter the scene, they will be armed with fresh action scenes and not those borrowed from other action films like stephen chow's (which is the current feast after the matrix-style). here's hoping that we find our own action style. something "really Pinoy". there are still a lot of stories to write about not only family dramas or love stories or buddy movies. the problem is we are not looking far enough. has anybody ever done a movie about pencils or the typewriter or computer in front of you everyday or the ashtray or your nose hair or even your pubic hair? so many stories. so many genres. i wonder why we keep on seeing the same old ones...


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