Wednesday, January 26, 2005


LASPONGGOLS, the full-length digital movie accepted as one of the ten finalists in the Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival, is currently 95% finished. The film stars Jeffrey Quizon, Dwight Gaston, The Apo Hiking Society, Joel Torre, Ronnie Lazaro, Shamaine Centenera, Roence Cruz, Soliman Cruz, Pete Lacaba, Marra PL. Lanot, and Rapunzel Hernandez, among others. There is also a cameo appearance of a very well-known drama princess in one of the scenes.

Lasponggols is a satire/ black comedy that revolves around two film workers, a utility boy (Quizon) and a clapper (Gaston), who accidentally ran off with a production's film equipments during a shoot in Ilocos Norte. They end up in a far-flung barrio wherein upon grilling from the barrio folks, they were forced to pretend that they are filmmakers "Direk Erik Matti" and "Direk Jon Red". The barrio is quickly transformed into a microcosm of the film industry with action star-wannabe politicians, stage mothers who will do anything to have his kids as actors, sex sirens-wannabes, casting couch routes, etc.

We are currently editing our footages and listing scenes we still have to cure. We have alloted one more day to cure our scenes and shoot some more especially the scene of Ronnie Lazaro and the "surprise actresss" who will do a cameo. We are also scheduling additional shoots for the goons who will be played by filmmakers EJ Salcedo (Core 24, ABS-CBN), cinematographer Ogi Sugatan, production designer Donald Camon (Gagamboy, Mano Po 2 , Pasiyam), assistant director Bombi Plata, and this filmmaker. There is also a reshoot of our tuhog scene of barrio folks spreading the news about the arrival of the filmmakers.

However, we are currently having some financial difficulties with our production as we have overshot our budget. It is in this lieu that we are asking around for possible investors or sponsors who are willing to cover the remaining P200,000 we need to shoot our remaining day and for our editing/post-production needs. We are currently opening our doors for a tie-up with any merchandise or an investor or investors who are willing to shell out P200,000 just so we can continue and finish our film just in time for the April 30 deadline. The Cinemalaya Film Festival has been moved from February 19-25 to July 19-25.

To recoup investments, the filmmakers own the rights to their films for five months. This is only for theater and TV rights in the Philippines. The Cinemalaya will later own the film for two years. The filmmakers, however, will have the video rights to their film and rights to it if it will be shown outside of the Philippines. These three alone: the five-month rights, the video rights, and the rights to be screen abroad, are enough for the investors to get his investment back with careful and strategic marketing.

We are willing toshow our footages and a copy of our script to anyone who might be interested to help us out in finishing our feature film. We assure them that the film is a total riot and is full of laughs. In a country besieged with economic and political problems, this comedy will surely be a welcome for viewers. After all, you can never go wrong with a good comedy movie. Tawa pa lang ng tao ay parang dumadagundong na palakpak na.

For any inquiries or interested parties, please try to contact us at 0918-2221590 or 5895500 and look for Sig. Or email us at

Thank you very much and hoping that someone will have the same passion as we have in investing his/their money in this little film of ours. We need all the help that we can get from people who love to see a new brand of Philippine comedy and those who want change in the films that our country has been producing lately. We hope that the future of Philippine cinema rests in films like ours. Let us all share "Lasponggols" and laugh our hearts out come July 19-25.


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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Para yatang ala "Starmaker" (by Guiseppe Tornatore) ang movie ninyo but without the tragedy? Anyway, good luck!

February 3, 2007 at 8:16 AM  

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