Tuesday, December 21, 2004


LASPONGGOLS, one of the finalists in next year's Cinemalaya Film Festival, has just finished its first six shooting dates yesterday after starting its grind last December 15. So far, more than 40 scenes of the script's 65 scenes have already been shot in Victoria, Tarlac, the province chosen for the film's location.

Lasponggols is the story of Dido (Jeffrey Quizon) and Raffy (Dwight Gaston) as a utility boy and a clapper of a film set shooting in Ilocos Norte. The two "punggols" (stupid) ended up pretending that they are famous filmmakers in a very remote barrio after an incident that had them running off with the film equipments of their recent shoot. Given a chance to be famous, the barrio gets transformed into a microcosm of the film industry as each of them become generic characters seen in Pinoy film sets. There's the father and son (Buboy Garovillo of the Apo Hiking Society and Sasi Casas) who wanted to be action stars just so they can gain popularity in the next elections, the racketeer wife and talent coordinator (Roence Cruz), the gay production designer who knows nothing but is full of "chika power" (Soliman Cruz), the wannabe actress (Monet Gaston), the mother who would do anything for her kids to be stars (Shamaine Cenetenera-Buencamino), and others. Also playing significant roles are Danny Javier as the blind ex-film worker, Jim Paredes as the eccentric artist, Rapunzel Hernandez as Danny Javier's daughter, Raul Morit as the barrio idiot, and other cameos by known actors.

The shooting went smoothly with the help of the very supportive and energetic cast and crew. However, financial problems took a toll on the production as it ran out of budget at the middle of the shoot that prompted everyone to tap other resources. The money accumukated though were not enough that the production decided to stop shoot and give everyone a much needed break in preparation for the holiday season.

The cast and crew met and finalized to resume shoot on January 5 and 6. However, the production is now pressured to come up with at least P150 thousand to P200 thousand for the production to roll by at the above-mentioned date as the Cinemalaya committtee has set a deadline of January 30 for the films to be submitted in its final edited form.

It is in this manner that we are coming before you to help us out generate funds in order for our two remaining dates to roll. Sponsors and investors are very much welcomed by the team just to finish whatever we have started. Personal and private contributions are verymuch welcomed. Manila based donations may contact our Production Manager Ann Christine Ponce at her celphone number 0920833-3906 or the filmmaker at 09182221590 or 5895500. U.S. based help may be forwarded to mymother, Elizabeth Barros-Sanchez in Atlanta, Georgia (404) 294-4059.

Thank you very much and we are hoping very much that you can be part of our wonderful project and help us finish it in time. For now,all we can promise you is afilm that we willall truly enjoy come Cinemalaya Film Festfrom February 19-25, 2005 at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP).

Again, maraming, maraming salamat!

Para sa ating lahat ang Lasponggol! Para sa ating mga nangangailangan ng one last shot, one last take, at one last chance!

Mabuhay kayo!


Blogger cuteguyz said...

Hi, i came across your article only now, and am wondering where i can view Lasponggols. The storyline sounds interesting and am an avid movie fan. Would appreciate if i can get more info about the film and where i can watch it My cell: 0920-9268564, or e-mail jompee@yahoo.com

Thanks very much! Long live indie films!

May 3, 2005 at 5:31 AM  
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