Sunday, November 21, 2004


PLEASE WATCH SUGRAFREE's "HARI NG SABLAY" MTV which is now playing on MYX channel which I wrote and co-directed with very good friend TOPEL LEE (Director of this year's MTV 2004 Best Video for Gloc 9) with camera work by award-winning cinematographer JA TADENA ("Pa-siyam," "Gagamboy," "Mano Po 2") and produced by the CORE 24 Dudes and Dudettes (EJ Salcedo, Gary Rada, Hector Macaso, etc.). Napapayag ko sina JA at Topel kasi may mga utang akong scripts sa kanila for their first movies na hopefully ay maipalabas next year. "Hari ng Sablay" the MTV is our homage to the good ol days of MTV where everyone has a story at hindi puro guwapo shots ng band members o kaya ay angsty, dark moods o camera techniques ang napapansin like today's MTVs. We went back to telling a story and incorporated some post-prod techniques. Hope you'll like it. Sana mag-enjoy kayo at maalala niyo rin mga kasablayan niyo sa buhay like what we did when making the video. Look for the Top Ten "Sablay" things we did on the video in terms of continuity and period booboos. Also, there's a "Where's Waldo" thing. I appeared three times on the video in different settings. Hope you'll find them. The child actor, NONOY aka "JOEL TORRES" (as we nicknamed him), is a revelation. Aksidente lang namin nakita on the second day of shooting na (we shot it in 4 days). He looks like a younger version of that thin guy sa "Road Trip" and "The New Guy". The other actor who looks like Max Alvarado (as we would like to call him) is our editor HECTOR MACASO who also stole the attention from Robin Padilla in the breakthrough digital film by Jon Red "ASTIGmatism" which won raves in New York and Tokyo just recently. We wanted him and the kid sana on our first draft to act as "Dennis the Menace-Mr. Wilson" but scrapped the idea and decided to go the "Tito's Wedding" short film way that Topel's uncle, Rox Lee, did in the early 90s. We had fun shooting the MTV and there is a surprise appearance of a very well-known actor in the end who agreed to be in the shoot because her two daughters (who acted as our boy's crush and the other one as one of the players at the basketball court) are very big fans of Sugarfree. It's his first MTV appearance and it is his first time to "distort" his face on camera. It makes him a very cool dad to appear in his daughters' favorite band's MTV. It makes us cool also to these generation of kids because for them, shooting MTVs seem to be one of the coolest jobs in the country (if they only knew, hahahaha). So, just click your TV sets on the MYX channel and wait for the MTV to be played. Judge us afterwards. Kapag ayaw nilang ipalabas sa tagal mo nang nakatutok sa TV mo, tawagan mo na MYX at sabihin mong pasasabugin mo istasyon nila kapag di nila ipinalabas. O kaya ay ipapadala namin doon 'yung kid na actor namin to do his "Sablay" ways sa studio nila. Hehehehe. Oh, and did I say I'm a very big fan of Sugarfree since they came out last year with "Sa Wakas"? Ask my neighbors.

Sigaw na sila ng sigaw last year pa to keep my noise down while the CD plays. Nadagdagan pa when the new album "Dramachine" came out this year. One of them left the apartment already, I heard. Special thanks to two guys I worked with in my first 9-5 job in seven years who introduced me to Sugarfree music, the music scribe Alex Almario and "kupi"mate Rodnick Viloria who was the basis for the boy's "sablay" look (sorry to say, Rodnick is currently being operated for a heart ailment at this time at the Philippine Heart Center). What I like about Sugarfree are their very good lyrics, very good harmony, cheesy pero hindi the usual cheese. Hindi nagpapaka-genius o poetic sa lines. Deretso lang. Parang 'yung mga early days ng Eraserheads bago pasukin ng hangin ulo ng ilang members at bago mag-eksperimento sila sa mga drumtracks at electronica na halos di na masabayan ng mga tambay ang tugtugan nila sa simpleng acoustic guitar. Ebe may be the new Ely. Minus the attitude sana. His lyrics are for the losers in us, the torpes, the basteds, the geeks, the nerds, the wallflowers, in other words, the "sablays". We have all been sablays before. We might commit some again one of these days. For now, as long as my three kids are singing the song again and again in my room, every morning, it makes it the national anthem of our Agata house for the month. It makes me a cool dad to them, too. Salamat kina Topel, JA, EJ, Gary, Hekkie, Carlo, Ann, Joel, Andrew, Tintin, Ate Marge, Ching, the Salcedo household, Core 24 family, Community of Learners, EMI Music, Russell Tame The Tikbalang Estaquio, Kiko, Thirdline Pipol (Sam and Anton), Cine Force, at kay Nonoy para sa masayang biyahe na ito sa mundo ng MTV. Ganun din sa mga kaibigang dumalaw sa set gaya nina Ogi Sugatan, Ria de Guzman, at Odyssey Flores.

We are already thinking of pitching for the next one if it becomes "Prom" or "Tulog". Iniisip na rin namin ang iniisip niyo. Pihado, kapag nag-click, gagawan ito ng pelikula ng Star Cinema o Regal starring Vhong Navarro. "Hari ng Sablay" The Movie. Hehehehehehe. Natagpuan na rin namin ang tunay naming ligaya.


Kalayaan sa ating lahat!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

cool blog. btw, the thin guy from the new guy is dj qualls.

December 14, 2004 at 8:47 AM  
Anonymous ji said...

niice.. felt sorry for da kid in d mtv.. he reminds me of me!

April 22, 2005 at 12:38 AM  
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